The rat-race of life has become faster and more competitive. Travel, traffic and time spent keeps increasing. We believe ‘comfort’ in dwelling and working spaces allows you to focus on your core activity. It is not a ‘luxury’ but a ‘necessity’ and we strive towards this care.

Weathermatic Agencies has been a trusted customer focused house of air conditioning in Mumbai providing quality HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) solutions for over four decades to customers for their residential, commercial and industrial needs, across industry.

From our own factory manufactured air conditioners to the influx of branded HVAC systems we have partnered with leading brands like Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic, O General and Videocon amongst others for air conditioning projects, products and services - in Mumbai and around the country.

In tune with technology, Weathermatic is right at the center of innovation – green and energy saving, as also our proprietary web-based CRM platform.

So you can be comfortable and get on with that task at hand – work, study or pleasure.

Service is our Credo        Customer Satisfaction our Guarantee


We have been using their aircons and are fully satisfied with their performance and after sale service.

- The Indian Hotels Co Ltd. (J.N. Kootar, Chief Engineer, 1982)

We are fully satisfied with their service and cooperation in attending to jobs at short notice.

- Bharat Petroleum Co-op Ltd. (R. K. Lalkaka, Admin. Services & Facilities, 1987)

We are thoroughly satisfied with the prompt, courteous and efficient service rendered by them to us at all times and can recommend their personalized services without hesitation.

- Jean Dolle (Acting Trade Commissioner for France, 1989)

We are delighted to share with you a momentous occasion in HUL’s history. We would like to thank you and your team for partnering with us, moments of joy and struggle and being together in our journey. Please accept as a token of appreciation the attached certificate.

- Hindustan Unilever Limited (Niranjan Gupta, Head Supply Management South Asia, 2009)

We have so far found their service prompt and satisfactory, the air conditioners supplied by them are also working properly.

- Hindustan Lever Limited (P.V. Ramanathan, Manager Admin., 1987)

Our Clients


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