We have been using their aircons and are fully satisfied with their performance and after sale service.

- The Indian Hotels Co Ltd. (J.N. Kootar, Chief Engineer, 1982)

We are fully satisfied with their service and cooperation in attending to jobs at short notice.

- Bharat Petroleum Co-op Ltd. (R. K. Lalkaka, Admin. Services & Facilities, 1987)

We have so far found their service prompt and satisfactory, the air conditioners supplied by them are also working properly.

- Hindustan Lever Limited (P.V. Ramanathan, Manager Admin., 1987)

To date we have purchased approximately eighty air conditioners for Taj Bombay and the other hotels managed by the Taj Group. We can confidently say they have never let us down and we do not hesitate in recommending them to anyone in need of a quality product and prompt after sale service.

- The Indian Hotels Co Ltd. (S.V. Bhide, Chief Engineer, 1988)

I sincerely thank you for the help and cooperation that you are extending to us in making an AC with our compressor.

- Carrier Aircon Limited (G. Raghavan, 1988)

We have the pleasure of confirming that Weathermatic Agencies has over the past 15years been attending to our WRAC AC & Water coolers. The singular feature of their service lies in prompt attendance and expertise in fault detection.

- Glindia (K.G. Wagle, Manager Engg. Utilities, 1988)

We are thoroughly satisfied with the prompt, courteous and efficient service rendered by them to us at all times and can recommend their personalized services without hesitation.

- Jean Dolle (Acting Trade Commissioner for France, 1989)

We have rented air conditioning units from them over the years.

- Afcons Zapata Offshore (Jeff Davis, Admin., 1989)

We thank you very much for your feedback and making compressors available for analysis and having helped in the same.

- Kirloskar Brothers Limited (V.V. Deshpande, 1992)

We would like to award you with the AMC for our ACa€?s installed at our managers residences.

- GlaxoSmithKline (Balwinder S. Phul ,Senior Admin. Manager, 2004)

We are pleased to place the order on hiring of AC for a period of two years.

- Bharat Heavy Electricals (Satya Prakash, Executive HR, 2006)

We are delighted to share with you a momentous occasion in HULa€?s history. We would like to thank you and your team for partnering with us, moments of joy and struggle and being together in our journey. Please accept as a token of appreciation the attached certificate.

- Hindustan Unilever Limited (Niranjan Gupta, Head Supply Management South Asia, 2009)

Competition of e-learning course Module 1a€“6 Panasonic Air Conditioner Series (101-106).

- Yasuyuki Ejima (Director of GCSC- PHAAM, 2009)

We are pleased to place the order for hiring of AC.

- Bharat Heavy Electricals (Chandra S. Gupta, Executive HR, 2009)

We wish to continue the contract as per list attached ..

- Camlin Limited (R.S. Sawant, Deputy G.M. HR & Admin., 2009)

We are pleased to note that your association with us over the last several years has been quite fruitful.

- The Zoroastrian Co-op Bank Ltd. (Farook Mistry, Sr. Vice President, 2009)


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